Why do I still have to wear a mask in the surgery after July 19th? 

While the government has lifted restrictions on masks across various sectors, they are still compulsory on some public transport and in all healthcare settings.  As a GP Surgery we will still be requiring masks to protect both patients and staff.


Why can I not request a particular Doctor?

When you make your appointment, it goes into a central booking system which is accessed by all the GPs during clinic hours.  Due to this system we cannot assign a specific patient to a specific clinician.


I have missed my phone appointment, what should I do?

If you have missed one call, the clinician will try and call you again on the same day. Make sure your phone is nearby and it is not on silent mode- please be aware the phone call will likely be from a withheld number.  If you have missed 2 calls, you have lost your appointment for that day. In this case you will need to call the surgery the next day (Monday-Friday) to book another appointment. The phone lines will open at 8am.

Alternatively you can call 111 after 6:30pm, for out-of-hours service when the surgery is closed.


I need a sick note, how do I get one?

If you have been unwell for less that 7 days, you can self certify and do not need to see a doctor.  If you are unwell for longer than the 7 days you will need to apply for a Sick Certificate from the GP.  Further information, and links to the self-certification form and the Sick Certificate application form can be found on our Sick Note Page.


How long will my prescription take?

After you have submitted your prescription, please allow 72 hours before collection.  It is important that you submit your prescription in plenty of time so you are not left without your medication.  Further information can be found on our Prescription Page.


I am waiting for test results- how long does this take and how do I get them?

How long test results take will depend on the type of test being carried out. To get your results you will need to call into the surgery to arrange a call back from the clinician. Further information can be found on our Test Results Page.  


Why can I not register online?

While some forms can be completed online, registration of a new patient requires photo I.D. and proof of address. For security reasons we cannot accept these forms of I.D. when sent online. The patient must come in and register with their I.D. in person for the security checks to be completed.


Do you have a Walk-in Clinic?

Unfortunately, we do not have a walk-in clinic. If you need to speak to a clinician, you will have to call the surgery to make an appointment.


When are you open?

A full list of opening times for both Ballards Walk Surgery, and the Gore Surgery can be found on our Opening Hours Page.