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NHS Friends and Family Results

Answer Total
Very Good 201
Good 63
Poor 21
Very Poor 21
Neither Good Nor Poor 29
Don't Know 1
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What you had to tell us

We asked... "Can you tell us why you gave that response?"

Comment Date
Difficult to get appt with doctors face to face. Too much reliance on phone appts. Saturday 9 September
Had to wait a long time to be seen at a booked app Saturday 9 September
Because they get so many things wrong . Getting a appointment is a nightmare. Someone is going to die one day because of this . I hate going to the doctors as everything is so hard work . Plus the phone appointments are not right. I think you should be able to get a appointment with in 24 hours . Some of the staff need better training. Friday 8 September
I have been with Ballard's walk surgery for 56 year's, and have been disappointed in the last few years due to not being able to get face to face appointments, and I think my arthritis was missed because of this.although I did get a face to face with Dr Tarnia and was very impressed and has given me hope for the future. Friday 8 September
I haven't attended the Doctors since covid. So wasn't sure how i would get on. But my experience was a very good one. I managed to get to see a doctor at another surgery on the same. Who diagnosed my problem.Had to do 2 swab test which i took back to my own surgery. Results were back within 2 days the weekend being those 2 days via a text. I had to then make a telephone call appointment which i did on the Tuseday. My own Doctors called me couple of hours later. Confirming what i actually had wrong. Dr Mitchell sent over the script to Asda. That was the hardest part getting hold of medication took 3 pharmacy's to get it,the Great Berry pharmacy very kindly ordered it in for me . Came the next day. Pleased to say all is good now. Cannot fault the surgery thank you for your efficiency. Friday 8 September