NHS Friends and Family Results

Answer Total
Poor 34
Very Good 295
Very Poor 31
Good 102
Neither Good Nor Poor 39
Don't Know 4
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Comment Date
While the service is good I struggle discussing symptoms during phone appointments. Tuesday 14 May
Staff always friendly and helpful. Tuesday 14 May
Don't cater for people who work... For example , needed a blood test, and I start work at 0630am and finish 1500, and i couldn't get a blood test that late. Resulting in me having to wait two weeks, for a blood test in Basildon hospital. And the surgery suspended my medication, pending the blood test. Very poor service Tuesday 14 May
Always helpful in getting me an appointment soon as possible.All staff are polite and friendly and always willing to help Wednesday 8 May
Trying to get a face to face appointment is almost impossible. Wednesday 8 May